Unique IT Services for Senior Citizens
Unique IT Services for Senior Citizens

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Senior Technology Support Services was born out of necessity. For over 20 years I have been assisting family members, in particular seniors, with anything and everything pertaining to technology. Most of my career was spent training & leading others, while the last 7 years was spent directly in the IT field. I have witnessed how easily our senior community is left behind when they don't understand new technology. I have also witnessed the freedom that comes with understanding how to connect with social media and your family through a new smart phone. This is what drives me.  I enjoy helping our senior community and seeing the happiness it brings. I want to take away the aggravation and the confusion of doing any task that you may want done. Whether it be shopping for a computer online or cutting down on your monthly phone bill, I can teach you how.  I am aware that some seniors just want to "get it done" and not have to deal with the frustration of learning anything or talking to anyone. I can handle the task for you while you are aware of every step I take and nothing is done without your knowledge or consent.  This is a family owned company and we know how important family & quality of life is to you. We are just a simple click or  phone call away.


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You can trust us with your IT issues because our technician is CompTIA A+ certified and highly familiar with all operating systems, networking concepts, wiring, audio and video.

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